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Where should Paul fall?

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What is Push?

Get instant feedback at the push of a button

Push is a ‘one click’ measurement tool that offers live results on your polls

Sign Up for freeor see the full list of features Created with Sketch. no yes Should Paul finally share his big idea with Sir Alan, and get his Apprentice application sent in to the BBC 2 show? Powered by H&H Labs or ‘no’ answer Ask a question with a ‘yes’ Created with Sketch. no yes 68% 32% Thanks for voting Here are the current results. The final results will be displayed here after 17:15 GMT on 1st February 2018. Powered by H&H Labs the results immediately Make your selection and see “Push ‘em off the fence I say!” "Push ‘em off the fence I say!”


Easy to use, simple to set up and quick to get answers

What you get for free

  • Add a single poll question with a Yes/No response only
  • Real-time results for both admin/respondent
  • Respondents can only answer once
  • Admin login for set up and results view
  • Custom time limits to respond
  • Results displayed as percentages
  • Individual URLs provided for each poll
  • Works across multiple devices and operating systems (Mobile, desktop/IOS, Windows and Android)
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